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If you've been in a truck, car, motorcycle, or any type of motor vehicle accident (MVA), we can help.

Optimum HealthCare is concerned about your health and wellness. The health professionals and clinics in our network in the Greater San Antonio area and surrounding cities share the goal of helping you to be pain free! We are here to match you with a wellness program and to health professionals ready to assist you in feeling better.

If you suffer with back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, neck pain headaches, numbness tingling, painful joints, sleep loss, bursitis, sports related injuries, work related injuries, or injuries resulting from an car accident in San Antonio or the surrounding cities, we can help you access the full range of treatment you need to improve your quality of life and get more health back into it.

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Black Ice and Car Accidents in San Antonio

"Black ice" is actually a bit of a misnomer: it is transparent and unseen by the human eye. One slip of the hand on the steering wheel over black ice in San Antonio can cause you to lose complete control of your vehicle, resulting in car accidents, medical bills, and loss of a vehicle. The Federal Highway Administration released a publication stating that between 2004 and 2013, over 150,000 car wrecks happened on average every year due to icy conditions.

While ice remains invisible, there are still ways to be smart and recognize the signs to avoid . While most people are aware freezing occurs at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less, another large contributor to black ice is rain. If it has been raining recently or there is snow on the ground in San Antonio, there is a good chance that black ice is out and you should drive carefully to avoid a traffic collision or ending up in a ditch.

Most newer model cars these days come with weather thermometers which are helpful in determining whether black ice is a factor while driving. For those of us with older cars, if you live in a colder geographic area, check the weather before you leave on a trip with your local news station or mobile app. Ice related auto accidents cause tragic accidents that can best be avoided by keeping a steady hand on the wheel (no sudden movements, jerking the steering wheel, fast lane changes, etc) But our most important tip is if you do get in an accident due to ice, see a doctor because injuries from car accidents such as whiplash can affect your day to day life. Even if it doesn't hurt immediately, the pain really sets in the day after. Drive safely this winter!

Steps to take after a Car Wreck in San Antonio

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It is very important that any person who suffers a serious car accident seek compensation for their injuries. In San Antonio, any victim who suffers pain, loss, anguish and suffering due to a fault that is not their own will be given compensation from the responsible party.

The first step after a car accident is to be treated for any injuries obtained at the time of the accident. Even if you do not feel any pain, you may be in shock and wont feel it till the following day. Whiplash is a common problem and can cause scar tissue if not treated. So be sure to seek medical attention in San Antonio whether you are hurt or not. Don't get stuck having to pay for medical bills out of pocket!

It is essential to also find out the kind of losses that incur and report those to your insurance company. There are loss of wages due to having to miss time from work. Other losses may be related to out-of-pocket expenses, treatment costs, fixing your car, rental cars, consultation fees. Don't get stuck with having to pay any of this either! Optimum Health Care can assist you with everything you need to know to get the most out of your settlement!

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I had never experienced a auto accident before.

So when I was in a car accident in San Antonio, things got really ugly for me. I had been rear ended and my back and neck were causing me pain after the accident. So much so that I started to worry. I had seen the MD after and all he prescribed me were pain meds. First off, I am only into naturopathic medicine and the thought of taking any sort of drug got me worried out of my mind. But I took them for the pain. After I took the meds for a week, the pain was still there. I didn't know what to do about covering my bills from the doctor or how the insurance even worked. So I did some searching and found OHC, with one call they set me up with treatment for my back and handled all my insurance information, and even set up a lawyer to handle my case. They didn't charge me anything for whatever they did for me. They told me what they were processing and what to do when you are in a car accident. With treatment my back and neck pain ended. They helped me out through this hard time.
Car Accident Dallas - Full Recovery John Sezar
- John Sezar

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